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On this page we are providing links to websites that offer insights and useful information about subjects parents are involved in throughout the growth and development of their children. We found those websites very informative and think they are a great source for parents who want to educate themselves. We will from time to time update this list and add new material that we think is interesting for you. Please click on the butterfly buttons to open the linked pages.
The Amercican Academy of Pediatrics provides comprehensive information around vaccinations and answers a lot of questions around the issue.  
Dr. Ari Brown, a pediatrician gives you her opinion about the controversy around vaccines that presently occupies the media. 
The web pages we are recommending contain information that we think might be useful for you. Please understand  that the material is not published by THE KIDS SPECIALIST but by respectable organizations we trust. We are solely refering to those wep pages. Therefore we cannot be responsible for any errors or omissions on those pages.
Afflilated Hospitals
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Henry Medical Center
Southern Regional  Medical Center
Flu shot information
Here you can find comprehensive information about the influenza (flu) vaccination.