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Walk-ins: Generally we discourage walk-in visits. We would prefer that you call before you come to our clinic. It enables us to schedule your visit according to the available time slots,  which in turn helps us to manage the workflow in the practice  much better. For you that has the benefit of saving you time - for us it allows us to run a smoother operation and gives us more time for our patients. If you come in without an appoinment you will have to wait until one of our doctors is available.
Medical emergencies will be worked in immediately.
Sick visits: If your child is sick, please call us (678-289-8184) - we will arrange a same-day-appointment for you.

Emergencies and after-hour care: Having a sick child is always stressful to parents and family. If your child is sick when our clinic is closed and you feel that your child’s problem is urgent and cannot wait until the next morning for assistance,please call our clinic's number (678-289-8184) to speak to our answering service. The triage nurse there will help to route your call. If you feel that your child has a life threatening condition, please call 911 for immediate assistance.


You can't come to an appointment: Please call us 24 hours before your scheduled appointment if you are not able to make it, so that we can schedule other patients who need to be seen.
Co-pay: Our policy is to collect the co-pay at the beginning of the visit.
Insurance: As a service to our patients we are filing your insurance claim for you. However due to the complexity of the different plans, which also have the habit to change frequently, we are not able to determine or guarantee whether or not our service is covered by your plan. It remains ultimately your responsibility to check with your insurance if your visit is covered. Please bring your current insurance card with you when you are coming for a visit.
Prescription refills: We would like to stress that you should take care about prescription refills during our office hours. If you call in, please have your pharmacy information ready.
Change of information: Please let us know of any change in information about your child and family, especially your address and telephone numbers. This could be very important when we may need to communicate urgent information about your child.
No cell phone use in clinic: We would kindly ask you to turn of your cell phones while you are in our clinic. Your phone might interfere with electronical and diagnostical equipment that we are using in the practice.